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I ran across a blog post I never posted last year. Since it is that time of year again, I thought maybe you'd enjoy it.
This is what it said:
"My heart kind sped up this week in staff meeting when the question was asked "what are we doing for Mother's day?" Mother's day! This week, already? I have been thinking about what to do for my own mom, but suddenly I realized that I really should provide some means for the Sontown kids to express love and appreciation to their mother's as well.
Thankfully my creative juices have been flowing really well as of late. I think it has something to do with more sunshine and color finally peeking through the gray. Inspired by the tissue paper pom pom/flowers I created a while back, I made up my own variation of a tissue paper flower. This one the Sontown kids can use to decorate cute cards for their mothers. I'm rather proud of it too! I think I'm falling in love with tissue paper."
  • First print the card onto card stock. You can find the PDF download at the bottom of this post.
  • Next cut some circles and flower shapes out of tissue paper in 3-5 different sizes. Some older kids could do this by themselves. Since I was working with a range of kids between K and 4th I just pre-cut the shapes.
  • Then have kids assemble the flowers in their desired combinations of shapes, sizes and colors by poking the brad through the middle of the tissue paper "petals" and then through the front of the card.
Bonus idea: Instead of having kids poke the brad through a card, try having them poke it into the eraser of some pencils to make a fun flowery bouquet.
Here is the PDF for a card that can go with these flowers.
File Size: 36 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Stay tuned for Mother's day Project # 2 tomorrow

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