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Last summer I did a teaching series on Hebrews 11 "racing" through the stories of the Bible in chronological order based on the stories of the people found in that chapter.

Because God had been placing the vision for equipping parents to be more involved in their children's Faith (this was when God was getting me ready for the philosophy behind Tru), and I wanted kids to get the benefit of the series despite missing Sunday services due to vacations I issued a special challenge. We name it the Sontown 500 challenge.

There were 3 parts to the challenge. One part was to read through Hebrews 11 and the stories mentioned in the chapter (parents could read it to their kids) and then answering some questions about the stories. The second and harder part of the challenge was to memorize Hebrews 11. The third part was to complete both challenges. I was surprised to have 5 kids complete the third challenge and they got a really awesome grand prize. Even the parents of kids who didn't finish thought the challenge was a great idea.

I was asked recently if I would be doing another memory challenge this summer. I had almost completely forgot about it as it is gearing up to be very busy summer. I might have to work on it more in my spare time, but I think I would like to do another challenge.

Thinking about the challenge made me think it would be fun to post the PDF of the booklet here since I put so much work into designing the challenge last summer. Maybe someone besides the 5 kids who completed the challenge last summer would benefit as well. I updated the planning calendars to 2012, and put in blanks where before I referred to specific due dates and prizes. Maybe it will come in handy with your kids or ministry.

The document includes a description of the challenges, the text of Hebrews 11 (so that it can be taken anywhere), some memorization tips as well as the reading and questions. A kid who finishes anyone of these challenges will have a pretty good coverage of their Old Testament stories and better yet, how they all fit into one story.

Download the file below:

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