Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
Please excuse my sad artistic attempts and very low picture quality.
_I discovered something about myself yesterday. Googly eyes make me smile. I realized suddenly that next week is Thanksgiving, which means I should do something to acknowledge it with the kids on Sunday. The first thing that came to my mind was making the classic hand turkey. I thought of a few ways I could make it more fun than just the average classic hand turkey and my mind went to googly eyes. Just the thought of googly eyes made me smile.
Once I had assembled my silly googly eyed thankful turkey, I felt happy and somewhat proud in a silly refreshing way. By no means was my coloring good (I'm know the kid's turkeys will look better). But for some reason the simple act of creating this little paper craft brought joy to my day.
I've been experiencing a sort of fog when I'm at work lately. I feel this way just trying to get through tasks.By the end of the day I feel exhausted even though all I've done is sit at a desk, coordinating all the details of children's ministry from my computer.
Yesterday was different though, I found something simple that made me smile, and somehow that brought joy and purpose to the rest of my day as well. So look for the things that make you smile. Find ways to incorporate a smile into your day. When my silly thankful turkey has served his role as craft example I think I will keep him on my desk, to remind me of these thoughts. Perhaps I should even decorate my cubicle with googly eyes.
This will be the start of a new personal mission that I desperately need as the sunlight wanes and days grow colder (why do I live in MN?!). I will look for joy and pursue it. When I find the simple joys and surprises God sneaks into my days, I will take a moment to celebrate by smiling, giggling and thanking God.
I hope you have lots of googly eyed, silly thankful turkey moments this week. :-)


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