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This Saturday was our Grand Prix Derby. I think it is the first Derby I have ever attended that flowed seamlessly and beautifully. It went so smoothly that it was so obviously God. I did not think it was possible to have a Derby without some kind of hitch based on quite a few past experiences. Those experiences were fun, but in my mind Derby and some degree of chaos go hand in hand. Kind of like every Wedding has some funny story of what went wrong (although I guess there was one funny moment where the coffee pot wouldn't stop pouring. That mini crisis happened while we were still setting up so it doesn't count).
All in all we had tons of fun, ate lots of pizza and got done 2 hours sooner than we originally planned.

3 things we did differently this year:
  • 1. Derby on a Saturday. Events are so much more fun when you don't have to worry about keeping kids up late on a school night. There are always some tears shed since part of racing is winning and losing, but being in the morning, the teary eyed were in the minority, and the chipper smiles were the majority.

  • 2. Lots of planning (and tons of prayer). My husband David worked long and hard to understand the Grand Prix software inside and out. Our Awana coordinator planed a test run a few months in advance and we all prayed hard that we would encounter any technical surprises then. We also worked ahead by having the cars impounded the Wednesday night before. This saved a ton of work registering, weighing and hassle with the software too. Yet another way we planned to make things better was creating extra prizes and having nice medals made. We came up with prizes like "The Goliath Award" for the fiercest looking car and "The Esther Award" for the prettiest car among other fun Biblical titles. This way there were even more winners.

  • 3. Pizza! Lots of it, 43 pizzas to be exact. We took a love offering the Sunday before to cover the cost. Everyone ate their fill and it was an absolutely wonderful way to end the morning. The time ended on a fun and happy note even for those few kids who still ended up teary eyed because they didn't win. All-you-can-eat pizza is a win for everyone.


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