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So it's that time of year. The rush before the start of a new school year. Full of curriculum printing, people scheduling, worrying about recruiting, praying about recruiting, bulletin boards and oh yeah I need to prep the lesson for this week too. Oh look! Nursery training is this week as well. Deep breath. I'm writing this to get in a little venting without stressing out my husband who is really busy right now answering phone calls for his work and stressed out because of non-stop calls, hour and a half commuting and overtime (not to mention putting up with a stressed out wife who remembers things she needs to do in the middle of the night).
I'm also writing this just in case someone happens to be reading it and might possibly do some praying for me.
Today I forgot my phone. I really wanted to take a picture of my office. It looked like somebody had run through, opened all the drawers and tossed the contents all over the place. Really. I had piles of old curriculum, that I was replacing with new, strewn across the floor. I had 3 file drawers on 3 seperate desks open so that I could organize new curriculum into folders. My lunch stuff was on my desk along with schedules, name tags a few bulletin board borders, notes scribbled on scratch paper and a few file folders full of people who signed up to help this year. There was probably some other stuff I'm not even remembering that I left out from yesterday. I'm so glad I had my nice big office all to myself today. A large floor space and 2 other desk tops (and file drawers) come in handy when there is no more space on mine. :)
At least I'm getting my exercise this week. I don't know how many times I went up and down, to the copier, to my office, down to the supply room, climbed a ladder to pound a staple into a missing letter over and over again.
I still have lots to do, but I accomplished so much today! It's 7:30 and I'm not done yet, but I will be done tonight! Tomorrow I will rest knowing I am ready for Sunday as I cut my coupons, grocery shop and photograph some senior photos.
Thanks for listening (reading)! I'm feeling better now.

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