Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
I read this prayer on our prayer wall in Sontown today, so I asked Hope’s older sister if their cat got lost recently. Her sister explained that her Dad had to give the cat away this last week. That made me kind of sad as I nodded with empathy and thought “too bad the cat isn't just lost so that it can be found again. How sad that such a sweet prayer can’t be answered” and I prayed that God would help her to understand why.

In the car on the way home Hope’s prayer came back to my mind, and once again it made me sad. Then God spoke to my heart in a way that brought tears to my eyes and convicted me in the loving, gentle powerful way that only he can. If it could be put exactly into words this is what He said:

“Weren’t you just telling the kids in Sontown today about how I am bigger than the Egyptian armies and 400 years of slavery? Weren’t you just telling the kids that I am more powerful than any of their problems? Then how could I NOT be big enough to bring back Miss Kitty, regardless of the circumstances? Even if Miss Kitty were dead, have I not even conquered death?”

Wow! I stand corrected, humbled and amazed. The God, who created the universe, humbled the Pharaoh and his army and has saved my soul from the grip of sin, cares about Miss Kitty. And He can bring her back to a little girl because she asked Him. Do you think He might? I think now I will be pretty much surprised if He doesn't.

I’m not sure what the circumstances surrounding Miss Kitty being given away are, but this week I know that I will be praying that God will show a little girl that he indeed is the Lord and he is indeed more powerful than life’s circumstances, by bringing Miss Kitty home. If you read this, please pray with me.