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I have a fun Children's Ministry discovery to share!
I ran across the website www.jellytelly.com today. I first heard about this website a few years ago when one of my Children's Ministry classes took a field trip to the Conspire conference at Willow Creek church in Chicago (the best field trip EVER!). At that point the site was Phil Vischer's (creator of Veggie Tales) attempt to provide an online Christian programming network for children. His dream was that it would become like a Christian "Nickelodean". However at that point it was in the beginning stages and required a monthly subscription. As a college student I didn't have money to subscribe to anything monthly, so I filed this tidbit away in the back of my mind with the many other things I learned that I couldn't quite put into practice at that point.
Now I pulled the file out of the back of my mind and paid the website a visit. I discovered that they are now sponsored by Focus on the Family and the service is free! It has grown quite a bit and has many entertaining yet insightful clips, and even full length episodes of some of my childhood favorites like "Adventures in Odyssey" and "Last Chance Detectives".
Check it out! www.jellytelly.com
I now have a fun place to look for video illustrations to emphasize my points in Sontown, as well as entertaining but accurate answers to tough questions that children ask.
This little section is yet another part of who I am. An exciting, growing part of me that never ceases to challenge me. In some ways I have been involved in ministry since the day I was born, and before kindergarten I knew it is what I wanted to dedicate my life to. Yet even so my journey in ministry to this point has not been a result of MY plans or MY skills, it has all been God's power working in me, even in what were once my biggest weaknesses.

Right now I am so blessed to have "Director of Children's Ministry" as my job title. A title I wear proudly, because it is God who called me to this place, and empowers me with love and passion for children. Sometimes I am surprised to notice how much I enjoy some tasks as tedious creating schedules months ahead of time (because I am not a details sort of person). But it is God who works in me so that I can love and have such joy in even those oh so tedious details.

So here you go! A little section of me that I want to share with anyone who wishes to read. A little section about ministry, and more specifically ministry to children and families. I can't wait to see what I will learn and share along the way.