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I'm busy getting curriculum printed, copied and organized for the fall. I was having some trouble finding a fun sheet or coloring page in my books to supplement the story of Deborah the judge, so I googled it. Maybe you groan inwardly like I do at the thought of the coloring pages that come up when doing an internet search, but I was desperate.

To my pleasant surprise I ran across this site that actually has some pretty cool pages. The boys at ParkSide are becoming fans of "The Action Bible" and these remind me a little of that action packed comic book style. Need a coloring page supplement that will also please elementary age boys? Check these out: http://www.christian-resources-today.com/free-bible-coloring-pages.html

Note: I think the coloring pages are great but did not explore the site they are on further than the first few coloring pages. Posting this link does not necessarily mean I agree with other stuff on the site, just saying, just case...



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