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Yesterday in the Tru curriculum we explored the story of the judge Ehud who was an unlikely hero, due to his being left handed. I love stories that appeal to the boys, and this is a lesser known story that I knew would be new to most of them. However my search to find a coloring or activity sheet that the kids could do during our first service resulted in 0 material. Hmmm, very interesting that no one has made a coloring sheet about this story yet. Do people think it is too gruesome for kids? Yet the kids sure loved hearing the weird grossness of this story. I wish my drawing skills were better.
Anyway, I thought up a fun activity for the kids to do instead of a coloring page (coloring pages get old when used too often anyway). The craft ended up being a huge hit with the girls AND boys. I've never seen the craft station so full during the free time between services. I had to spread out the supplies to another table so that more kids could get in on the fun. Not only did the kids create swords, but the little boys also created pretty awesome mini spears and daggers. The little girls also used their creativity, veering away from the story material by creating little people and flowers with their Popsicle sticks.
For the craft I simply set out Popsicle sticks in different shapes and sizes, glue, jewel stickers, markers and electrical tape. I also made an example to inspire the kids (and because I still like to play with glue and stickers too). I really wish I would have gotten some pictures of all the fun things kids came up with, but alas I don't think of things like that on a Sunday morning.
Being such tiny swords, I didn't have to worry about the kids engaging in play sword fights, because even a plastic toy swords does more damage than these little things.
Wait, I just found that I did accidentally get few of the kid's creations in some pictures. I was taking pictures of small groups to send with their Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes, and I love seeing kid's creativity and uniqueness expressed in the things they make.

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