Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
I can tell what's on my mind lately. Last night I had the most interesting/entertaining/funny dream. In the dream we got a call asking if we could have 20 teenagers placed in our home. Apparently I accepted the placement because next thing I knew there were 20 teens in our home. In the next moment I realized we now lived in a big house that could actually fit that many people, plus the house just happened to be up in the woods of the TimberBay camp where our family vacationed once this last summer.
Once the kids were all settled in, a lady from church rang the door bell. Apparently she had been hiking in the woods and needed bee repellant (does such a thing exist in real life?!). I responded commenting on how bad the bees were in the forest and got her the repellant right away. I woke up just a little bit later quite amused. I went back to sleep and then dreamed that 3 kids toddler-elementary were placed in our home, which probably wasn't quite as far fetched as the first dream.

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