Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
Over the weekend I got the chance to relive some fun college memories with some of my very best friends. It was one friend's Birthday and she traveled all the way from Omaha to come spend her weekend with those of us who live here in frigid Minnesota. We ate out, had a sleep over, and hung out at the Mall of America all day Saturday. Definitely not a typical weekend for me, but fun to switch things up and catch up with friends. My friends are really cool and having grown up in several countries the world over, I can always expect a delicious food adventure (and LOTS of wonderful tea). A few of these pictures (make that several) were taken with my point and shoot mostly for memory sake, so please forgive the quality!

We stopped for Asian food at a little place on eat street in Minneapolis. I love that we used spoons, forks and chopsticks to devour this feast. Hot Jasmine tea was perfect on a REALLY cold evening.
We stopped at another cozy place for tea and dessert...

 I had to snap this picture while waiting for our tea.

Tea, chick flicks and a fireplace after a chilly evening in Uptown. Ahhh, a perfectly wonderful girls night.

Because my friends are awesome (and it seems they have all been baristas at some point or another) this beautiful latte was whipped up for me at breakfast, yum!

Then of course we couldn't be at the Mall of America without some bubble tea. My friend introduced me to a new place, and a couple my friends engaged a some Taiwanese people in conversation in Mandarin I believe. Wrong hemisphere for me to be able to identify the specific language being spoken, but pretty cool nonetheless.
Did you notice a pattern? Yeah, my friends are tea (and coffee) obsessed and they have been slowly turning me into a tea nut as well ever since college. This time of year tea is so wonderfully cozy!

Whether my dear college friends are close by enough to share some tea, or enjoying their tea a good 24 hour flight across the world, tea always makes me think of them and cozy, deep, heartfelt, third culture kid laments when we were in college. Funny how those third culture kid (TCK) laments are so easy to identify with no matter the cultures they are from. We share the bond of not belonging and never quite knowing where to call home. I daresay, heaven is an especially sweet concept for us TCKs, and being together gives us a picture of finally belonging in our un-belonging-ness. If that makes any sense at all.

Throughout the day I tried to imagine what it would have been like to have a toddler along. Yeah, I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't have worked too well. There are phases and seasons of life, and while I long for the days of having kids, it was fun to fully enjoy and be present in this phase (and relive a little bit of a previous time). Knowing that kids could be placed into our lives any day, I am trying to relish the child-free moments. Even though I can barely wait for those child full moments to begin!


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