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I used to think Minnesotan small talk was so shallow. Sorry! Even as a kid, I was confused when my cousins or grandparents would use up precious seconds if not minutes of our long distance calls talking about the temperature, the snow or how many shades of green they could see in their backyard. Then when we finally got around to using email, the weather stories continued, and I just didn't get it.

That was back when I lived in Bogota, Colombia where the temperature was mild and spring like ALL year long. There was "rainy" season, and not as rainy season, but even that did not provide much variation if any. Then as a teen I moved to the Dominican Republic where the temperatures varied just a little bit more. The "winter" lows would possibly reach the mid 70s. The summer highs of 80s and 90s mixed with stifling humidity would occasionally merit a friendly complaint from a neighbor as you sat on your front porch rockers trying to catch any whiff of a breeze.

Then I came to live in Minnesota in college. The weather here truly is a novelty and you never quite know what to expect the following day. While perhaps overseas the big news was a political riot or the latest government fraud. In Minnesota the snow, heat, rain or ice and their effects tend to be the most riveting event. Here government corruption doesn't put a city at a standstill or cancel school, instead the weather does. Here the latest political terrorist group doesn't issue threats, instead the windchill threatens frost bite to any exposed skin.

Here I find myself having lived in Minnesota for about 6 straight winters, and I finally understand! The weather IS fascinating, intriguing and always unexpected. Beautiful, and terrible and sometimes downright dangerous. It helps you measure time and see the progress of a year gone by, with each winter I find myself just a little bit more Minnesotan, and the weather has become a staple in my small talk.

Here is my Minnesotan weather update:
Yesterday it snowed. It iced. It got really, really white. In the morning it hadn't started yet, then picked up during church. The short drive home was slippery, but we made it all in one piece and enjoyed a wonderful quiet evening watching the snowfall from our cozy apartment living room. Truly a visual treat delivered straight from heaven.

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