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Last week we went out to IKEA and bought a crib. This crib. Last night and today I put it together. On one hand I wonder if it is a little premature, but at the same time I think there was plenty of good reason to go ahead. We will need a crib within the next few years whether it is for foster kids or our own. We figured we might as well piece things together little by little over the next few months. Doing it that way it will barely make a dent in our budget. If we suddenly found out in a few month that we were getting a child in a couple of days without having everything ready, that would make for a log of work and $ on top of the huge transition of going from a couple to a family in a matter of days. Next up will probably be a car seat, which we will need anyway to complete a mandatory car seat training.

We went for a crib that can also convert to a toddler bed, as we are applying for kids birth-8. We do have a futon that would be used by older kids. Maybe an elementary age kid could use the crib as a sort of couch? Or would we want to store it somewhere so an older child had more room to play? I wonder if the futon counts as a bed for an older child. We have it because it was David's bed before we got married. I suppose it wouldn't be much trouble to replace with a twin if needed.

There are so many unknowns ahead, and lots of wondering questions going through my mind. Yet it so very thrilling to be taking real steps in this direction.


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