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I am so very exhausted right now. It is a wonderful, satisfying kind of exhausted. The exhaustion that comes from hard work and a full week. We had our Awana Grand Prix at church today, which is a pretty big event. Afterwards about 150 people ate their fill of pizza, cookies and lemonade. It went so smoothly, and most everyone was happy (except for a very few kids who didn't win and have yet to learn about being good sports).
I got to serve pizza alongside a woman I super admire and who has inspired me in the whole foster parenting thing. Her and her husband have been foster parents for over 25 years, and specialize in teenagers. She was excited to hear we were finally licensed and asked if we could do respite for them this summer when they go on a trip to Spain. How fun! It is neat to realize that not only can we now have kids placed in our home now, but we can be a support to some really amazing people and give them a WELL deserved break. Teenagers aren't the age group we are considering, but for this couple we would most definitely bend a little.
This week at church they put in a new sound system, and we got all new (to us) office furniture installed (absolutely free). My church office has now been separated into two so that there is room for the new youth pastor coming in March.
Despite the busyness, this week I have felt thankful. Thankful for my job. Thankful that I get to play a part in loving and supporting families. Thankful for the amazing staff and volunteers I get to work with. Thankful for this special calling to foster care. Thankful for a husband who never ceases to amaze me with his kindness, sweetness and skills.
Here are the week's highlights (note, I have also been sick with a disgusting cold all week):
Monday: Cleaned the apartment thoroughly
Tuesday: Got our foster care license. Car seat training in the evening.
Wednesday: Work at church in the midst of construction and chaos. David texts me saying he got promoted at work (hooray!) Awana in the evening.
Thursday: Work in the middle of chaos again. Supper with a few church staff at the new associate pastor's house in the evening.
Friday: Work amidst paint fumes, self cleaning oven fumes and an already foggy brain. Grand Prix set up in the evening.
Saturday: Grand Prix Awana derby in the morning. Please oh please let me have a quiet evening!
Sunday: Church, IF the expected blizzard doesn't reach epic record proportions. I gotta admit, I won't be too disappointed if church is cancelled tomorrow, but in Minnesota you never get your hopes up about anything being closed for the weather even if half the population ends up buried in the ditch. Family lunch at our pace.

I'm ready for one looong nap!


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