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I look forward to posting about how our interviews go in a few weeks. We've heard that each interview takes about 2 and a half hours, and they will interview us separately. I'm really curious about what takes 2 and a half hours to talk about. I've also heard there are like 17 pages of questions. Hmmm, at least I have fun telling the story of my life, as I like to think it is a pretty entertaining one. I like to talk in general though and I suppose I would gladly talk to most anyone who would listen for 2 and a half hours about my family, my history, the reasons I want to foster parent and on and on.
David's interview is Tuesday, so I will be spending my Monday cleaning. I'm going to use the interviews (which take place in our home) as a wonderful excuse to get some extra cleaning in. I'm going to focus on some of those areas like closets, that I don't get to often. One reason I love having people over on a weekly basis is the motivation it gives me to keep things semi-tidy. As far as I know though, the family and friends that come over on Sundays don't go peeking in all our closets. Knowing that someone will be doing exactly this motivates me to peek through my own closets to make sure I won't be horribly embarrassed.
I can't be around during David's interview so I've made a plan to get a whole bunch of laundry done at my mother in law's house. May not sound like much fun, but the idea of actually getting ALL of our laundry done all at once sounds like such a special treat!
In our efforts to save our quarters, we let our laundry air dry. Due to the lack of hanging space on our little laundry rack, I can only dry one load at a time. Then it takes a full day for the clothes to air dry. This air drying thing is one of those little inconveniences that I don't really mind. I'm also strangely satisfied by NOT feeding 6 quarters into the dryers. The whole apartment laundry routine gives me something to look forward to. I can say "someday we'll have laundry machines IN our home AND I'll get to dry my laundry! What a wonderful luxury that will be!" It's nice to have simple things like that to look forward to. :-) Once in a long while, on an extra cold day I spoil myself and dry the laundry. Shhhh! Don't tell the frugal me! Haha! It really does feel like such a luxurious treat! I tell ya, the simpler you choose to live the easier it is to be pampered and spoiled. Frugal lifestyle choices like this one makes simple things like machine dried, warm, fluffy towels that much more of a blessing.

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