Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
Here's what's been going on lately in these last couple of weeks....
In foster care prep: Tonight is our last training in the 12 module FAK training series! Hooray! This session is actually a make up session for a session that had to be rescheduled. David's interview with the licensor is scheduled for next week, and mine will be scheduled after. The licensor wanted to talk to David first. She says that men give more information in the interviews than women. Hmmm, really?!
In the Minnesota weather:It snowed A LOT this weekend. Seeing all the snow is so beautiful, and makes me wish we had some kids to give us an excuse for playing in it. Perhaps before the winter is over we will be able to share some fun winter memories with kids. God knows, and I am working on being content in the waiting. :-)
In our lives otherwise: Last week David and I took a mini vacation to celebrate David's Birthday. We figured it might be the last time we could get away just the two of us before we are parents of some sort. We went up North for 2 nights, and enjoyed beautiful views of lake Superior. This was really only the second time we've gone to a hotel kind of place since our honeymoon. One reason being that we have been trying to be incredibly frugal, the second is that for our first anniversary we went to a place and ended up coming home with bedbugs....yuck! I shudder at the thought of the memories still.
It took us several weeks to realize what the bites were coming from as the only time we had heard of bedbugs was in the silly little bedtime rhyme (which we now realize is quite a horrifying rhyme). Once we realized what the bites were coming from it took several weeks to get rid of them. This was all at a time when I was working LOTS of hours between church, nannying and photography because David was unemployed. It was a stressful time without the unwelcome house guests. Let's just say we've been a little paranoid of staying anywhere since. But maybe that's a story you didn't want to read... The place we stayed this time was really nice though. I did still make sure to not put the suitcase on the bed! A precaution my paranoid self will take any time we stay at any kind of hotel, probably until the day I die. Here are some lovely pictures from our little trip.

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