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I got a call at about 8:15 this morning from our foster care licensor, wondering if it would work for her to interview me at 10:00. David's interview is scheduled for tomorrow, so my plan (as stated in my previous post) was to work on making our apartment sparkle today. In fact my mother in law was even going to come over to help me (I don't know if I've mentioned that I have an amazing mother in law).
Well I agreed, because if we have a chance of getting through this process faster, we can sooner take care of some kids. Then I set out to work, speed cleaning and tidying. My mother in law, Tina, also came over for a bit, and she helped me wash all the dishes left from our Sunday lunch. Whew! I think I got more done in that hour of cleaning than I would have in several hours without the intense motivation and rush! In fact I would say our apartment almost sparkles already...at least in the public spaces...she didn't peek in the closets yet.
I gotta say though, that is the most fun interview I've ever done! We hit it off right away and personality and faith wise we are very, very similar. The only problem was that 3 1/2 hours later I think we only made it through about HALF the packet of questions! Oops. Yeah, I'm a talker, but so is she. :-)
This experience just reminds me of the very clear calling we have felt about staying in our county to do foster care, despite David needing to commute so far. The people in this county's system are excellent as far as I can see so far, they care deeply about kids and they care about us as well. We are so much more than a number, which is one reason we were apprehensive about moving to the other county and into the cities. Plus how amazing to have such a strong sister in Christ that I can relate to so well as our licensor. I was so relieved to be able to openly and enthusiastically talk about my faith as it is completely inseparable from all of the questions being asked. My family life, my growing up, how I handle stress, my relationships, my support network, why I am doing what I am doing. I realize today in answering those questions, how very much God permeates all of it. Then what a blessing to see that it is the same in her life as well. I feel so very, very blessed and excited to continue on this adventure. I am constantly reaffirmed that this is exactly where we should be going, exactly where we should be, and in so many ways it is the fulfillment of the passions, skills and gifting God has placed in our lives.
Oh yeah, also she was VERY excited that I speak Spanish. She said they lost their last Spanish speaking foster parents a little while ago and if she were standing, she probably would have jumped up and down. :-) Sounds like I'll be getting some chances to refresh my Spanish skills. :-) See, didn't I tell you? This foster care thing is like the fulfillment of what God has been molding our whole lives into up to this point.
I think I might just do some jumping up and down right now.
Since posts are always more interesting with pictures, here are a few to illustrate the power of a very motivated hour of cleaning! In case by some chance someone is looking at this who is interested in foster care, but using the excuse that they don't have enough space...you can do it in a small apartment too! Foster parenting is for real people, those with big homes, and those with small homes. Those with super tidy, beautifully decorated homes, and for those simpler not quite as tidy homes (*cough*cough*). I'm saving pictures of the second bedroom though, for another time. Also, these pictures weren't take with my "nice" camera, so forgive the

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