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I was really looking forward to getting started on delving deep into the Bible about the word hope.
I'm sick for now though. I normally don't get sick long, but it's been pretty icky for two days now, and doesn't feel like it'll be much better tomorrow. These are the kind of days where I wish we could afford health insurance. It is tempting to blow a fever and sore throat out of proportion into a worst case scenario. That's the problem with worry. Also why the Bible says in Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about ANYTHING, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God". When I feel the worry start to whisper in my ear I do physically feel sicker. Isn't funny how worry can feel so justifiable sometimes?

On a cheerier note David had some job interviews today! He also felt they went very well. Both of our hopes are high. Though as I will explain in a later post, we have been on quite an emotional roller coaster with high hopes, and then having them dashed to smithereens. That's why I looked up the word hope in the Bible in the first place. I remembered some verse saying that hope does not disappoint, and we've both dealt with a lot of disappointment in regards to hopes this last year. That sort of starts going into some of my misconceptions of the word as it is used in the Bible, and I should close for now. I want to write my findings on hope with a clear, fever free mind.


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