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So once  you start to get to know me you'll soon find that I love to cook and bake. Not only that but I love to be creative with cooking. I use recipes mostly as suggestions or foundations for my creations. Most of the time however I just throw stuff in the pot or bowl and create!
Perhaps this style of cooking came about from reading "Amelia Bedelia" books as a kid. I loved those books. Amelia would always make really bad silly mistakes. People would get quite mad at her for following their directions all wrong. Then she would pull something delicious out of the oven and all would be forgiven. However her style of cooking was quite similar to the way I like to cook. A little bit of this, a lot of that, and voila!
My cooking style might also come from growing up as an Mk. I learned so much about cooking hanging out with Dominican women. They never used measuring spoons or cups. Most likely their mothers couldn't afford them, and even if they themselves could, they had learned without them. The palm of your hand was the best measurement. These women would store recipes in their brain, and easily recalled them because the same basic spices were used in most everything (garlic, onion, lots of cilantro, oregano, tomato and cubitos magi (bullion cubes).
Grandpa introduced me to the sort of recipe I love when I ate supper at his house a few weeks ago. His favorite pie is lemon meringue, but normally this pie is a twice a year treat because of how hard it is to make. A friend had given him an easy lemon pie recipe that he tried out on us. It was really good! Best of all it was just my kind of recipe:
Easy Lemon Pie
One whole large lemon (skin and all! no seeds though)
1 stick of butter
1 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 eggs
throw them all in the blender, and voila! The pie filling is complete. Just pour it into a pie crust, bake and enjoy.
It is really good with whipped cream on top and fresh blueberries and/or strawberries.

I meant to take pictures of the finished product, but I had lots of other food to make for the company that was coming. By the time I remembered it was all gone. One warning though: Kids don't seem to like this pie. I think they are more sensitive to the tartness the lemon peel adds (while adults like it).


04/03/2011 18:12

I love it too! I'm thinking of not putting in all the rind the next time I make it though, Dad also thought it added a bit more bitter flavor than he'd like. Try a graham cracker crust as well...more sweet, probably more to hte liking of kids.


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