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I have had a horrible cold for the last few days. I hoped that I would wake up all better this morning but felt my worst yet. Nevertheless I had an important mission to complete: Project get the apartment all ready for inspection. Or as the foster care licensor called it "the final walkthrough".
A few things made this project a little more difficult from the get go.
#1 I've been sick this week.
#2 The only "cleaning" I've done this month has been quite superficial because of other traumatic incidents that left me physically and emotionally wrecked (go back a few posts if you missed those events).
#3 There is this part of me that knows we would probably pass even with a few messes, yet still wants to go above and beyond. Let's face it, how often do you have a stranger walk through your whole house for the sole purpose of inspecting it? I don't want to be embarrassed and I would kind of like to impress her/them (licensors and social workers). Although I doubt my housekeeping skills could ever be dubbed "impressive".
Thus far the licensors seem to be really excited about us as foster parent candidates. I think part of me is quite insecure about that, while another part of me basks in the pride of it. Those two parts of me work together to make me want to keep the impression going. Grrrr. That is kind of tough to admit, because I don't want to be someone who operates on keeping up impressions. I want to be me. This is something I've had trouble with as long as I can remember. Note that the insecure part of me seems to think that their being excited about us is only an impression.
Returning from that introspective rabbit trail...my absolutely, wonderful fantabulous mother in law came over to lend me a hand with my mission. So, so, so very thankful we had planned on that even before I got sick, because I don't know how I would have gotten it all done without her.
A few of our latest preparations:

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