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We turned in the last of our paperwork (for now) a couple weeks ago. We have been plugging away at our foster training classes, getting to know others and their stories. We have been made much more aware of the hurt that real children endure. And been equipped on how we can be more sensitive to hurt children's needs.
We now only have 3 training classes left and one of those will be a monster 6 hour, Saturday session. Starting off the process I thought that we would probably finish licensing before finishing the classes. However, the actual licensing process has been slow.
  The slowness is partly the county but partly ours as we haven't been in a big hurry. We have come to the conclusion that we should complete all the training sessions before being placed with children. We want to be the very best foster parents we can be. Part of that is getting all the offered training so that we can know what to expect and be better equipped.
A few months ago I figured we'd be ready by December. December seemed pretty far away. It seemed a safe time frame to mention. Now being less than a month away I wonder if we will even be licensed by then, let along have any placements. I am now telling myself January. (Maybe, hopefully sooner? Please?)
I have learned that as a foster parent in training, we need to go with the flow. In fact perhaps part of our training is learning to work with the system. We are responsible for our pieces of paper, and have control about getting them in, but the rest is up to others.
Boy it sure can be hard to wait though! I keep wondering what else we could do to be ready. By signing up for certain coupons I've somehow received formula samples and bottles. I've started a tiny little stock pile of baby food that I add to whenever I can get it for free. And as I do these little things, wondering if I will end up having to pack pureed apples, bananas and pears in my lunches (if we end up placed with an older child). The desire to care for a hurt child, any age child just keeps growing.


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