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Do you ever get in the mood to just make something pretty? The problem with these moods is I often dream up some fun elaborate project that either I have no ability to do, or it is too long, complicated and I will never finish.

In my crafty mood yesterday I found TWO mini projects to do that I was able to finish right away (and they were really easy). I am now inspired to try more variations when I get in a crafty mood again sometime.
You can get instructions for this tissue paper flower thing here.
After seeing my finished product I wished I had known how to make these when I got married. They would have made such fun decorations! I am excited to try this idea in other colors too. Perhaps multi colored?I tried also making one of the flowers with tulle, it ended up looking rather like one of those bath pouf things (what are they called?). My mother in law's cat has claimed it as her new best friend. It is quite fun to watch a normally timid cat throw it up in the air and pounce. Anyway...I would like to find some way to make these out of something more durable than tissue paper. Any ideas? I can think of so many fun things to do with these if they just weren't made of paper.

This bottle/vase is just a glass Root Beer bottle spray painted white...and some of God's lovely budding creation stuck inside. I want to try a few other colors too, maybe some different shaped bottles?

See? So Easy! Now that I know I can actually complete these projects in under 30 minutes (without much skill or practice) I really want to do more!


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