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I had a ton of fun doing stuff for April fools day this year.
I made 20+ cups of "April Fools juice" for the kids at church. It was really cherry jello. The older kids realized right away. The younger ones however fell for it completely. One little girl had a frustrated scowl on her face as she tried to drink the jello. She looked up and said "Ms. Anna, I don't like this cranberry juice". I laughed, and then explained that it was really jello and that it was an April fools joke. Her face melted into a smile, she laughed and happily accepted a spoon. I also made 30+ cups of dirt dessert for the kids at the second service. Not so much a prank, as just a fun way to recognize the day.
The real fun started in having my family over for lunch. We let the youngest person set the table with any utensils of her choosing. It took a little explaining for her to understand that it was supposed to be "silly". Once she understood the concept, she happily bounced around the kitchen, finding the craziest utensils and deciding who would have to use them.
For the menu we had "cake" (meat loaf frosted with mashed potatoes) and for dessert we ate "kitty litter" (brownies covered in nuts, and a few pieces shaped to look like...well the stuff kitties leave in their litter boxes). Everyone shared lots of laughs, and it was such a success that I'm thinking the April Fools dinner might need to become a yearly tradition.


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