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I tend to write blog posts right away while they are on my mind and then let them simmer in the drafts folder for a while so I can look them over and make sure I want to post them. Although this post and several to follow refer to "today" or "yesterday" or such, it could be that the event happened a few weeks ago or more. In the weeks and months to come I am guessing that I will have lots to write about and process through writing. Therefore I will be doing a lot of saving those thoughts for later. I figure I'll leave the posts in their present tense because from my perspective it is more interesting that way.
July 2012
Just now I stamped and sealed an important envelope that is triggering many emotions inside me. Anticipation, excitement, sadness, fear, dreaming, considering and lots of prayers.
For many months God has been laying foster care  heavily on our hearts. Last Tuesday we attended an informational meeting. We've talked and prayed about it throughout the week and our certainty just keeps growing.
In that stamped and sealed envelope is the initial form to get the ball rolling. Pray with and for us as we start to pursue this calling that encapsulates so many of the passions God has placed in both of our hearts.
While maybe the clear calling to foster care has been growing in the past several months I can see God's hand weaving experiences and desires into our lives to lead up to this point. From David's declaration as a child to his mom that he wanted to grow up to be a Daddy, to his deep desire to reach out to hurting young people, getting a youth degree but not knowing quite how to put that into practice with the strengths and personality God has given him. From my side I see my upbringing in other cultures, and the compassion that swelled in my heart as I encountered certain children who were abandoned or neglected by parents. I also see an even greater fulfillment in foster parenting to deep calling and passion that God has given me for children. This passion has been a driving force in my life for about the past 7 years and it is a passion to demonstrate Jesus' love to children and be an advocate of His heart for them.
Over the last week (and past few months) we have thought and prayed through so much. There are still many unknowns and only God knows the changes this decision will bring to our lives. The adventure begins!


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