Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
My Grandpa wrote this for us today, and posted it on facebook. I just wanted to share:
A Sonnet for Anna and David Silverthorn
and all of us who loved "so small a being"
by Great Grandpa (Stan Larson), January 2, 2013

How suddenly do joy and sorrow mix!
With hope and loss a new year's promise folds
its recipe of life that we might fix,
we think, by turning all to health that holds
no emptiness or loss to break our hearts.
We'd find good reason for our thanks and praise
and fill our calendars with our new starts
in celebrations of loved babe to raise.
We came too soon to know the end of life
and Sweet-Pea-Baby's entrance to a realm
above the fallen world's acquainted strife
known only by the one who holds the helm
who wondrously knit first and last in womb
and holds most close those crushed in spirit's gloom.
It is so wonderful to be loved and cared for. I am so blessed.

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