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Today David and I have been married for 2 years. I think I can pretty easily say I love him at least twice as much as I did when I married him. :-)
I hear a lot of people say that the first few years are the hardest for married couples relationally. Reflecting over the last 2 years David I were talking about this idea and laughed, because they really haven't been THAT hard. We've really quite enjoyed these last 2 years.
Let me clarify though. These last 2 years have been a CRAZY mess of disappointment, discouragement, doubt, transition and some really strange trials that are nowhere near over. The neat thing about being married and all these crazy things going on around us is that it has forced us to be a team. It is us and God against all the craziness life has to throw at us.

2 years later I now have a clearer picture of David and his weaknesses, yet through all these challenges I am also able to see a much clearer picture also of the strengths I never knew he had. 2 years ago I was "in love" with this sweet caring guy and quite excited to get on with my visions of bright dreams for our future and ministry together.
Today, however, I am madly in love with a man who stands strong in the face of hardship. Who keeps trying even when he has been turned down hundreds of times (literally). A man who would jump over the moon for me if it was within his power and would bring a smile to my face.
Would I rather these last 2 years been easier? Maybe, but when I think of it like this, no. Although I still look forward to the day when life comes a little easier, I wouldn't trade these last 2 years for my fuzzy ideals and prior dreams (a few of which I still hold on to for the future). If these last 2 years of life had been a walk in the park, I wouldn't know all these amazing things about the man I love at least twice as much as the day I said "I do" and kissed him for the very first time.


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