Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
This Fall the colors in Minnesota are take-your-breath-away gorgeous! There have been so many moments this last week where I kicked myself for not having my camera along. Instead of snapping away pictures, my jaw has dropped and my mind has spun in awe of the display as my mind captures memories for me. Just today there was this one moment driving in the car where beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves were falling like confetti on a road lined with trees in such amazing vibrant hues it looked like God was playing with Photoshop. (Which by the way, I did not need to enhance colors on any of these pictures!) I felt like God was throwing a parade just for me and my friend in the car. These are moments where I worship without words, thoughts or actions, instead I just bask in awe and wonder at my Creator. Sometimes awe-induced silence is the the onlyappropriate worship response.
When I was first starting in photography I used the screen name “parasugloria” ("ForHisGlory" in Spanish) because I wanted to always remember why I want to take pictures. I’ve often wondered how I can use my photography in a way that stays true to this purpose. Well these pictures are barely a fraction of the amazingness I have seen this Fall, and all glory truly goes to THE Creator. I hope that God blesses you as he has me with some equally awe-inspiring moments this week.

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