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Last year I decided to set some goals for my photography. I revisited them the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had accomplished most of them. Perhaps I set the bar low. They were goals I knew I could accomplish if I really tried.
These are a few of those goals:
    Publish a photo on stock website and get it accepted
    Have a photo sold on a stock website
    Photograph a family this summer
    Philip's senior pictures
    Create a website
    Take pictures at a rented studio (accomplished yesterday!)
What other goals do I have? I'll include some that I know will come if I work at them, and others that are my "someday" goals. Who knows? Maybe I will be surprised again next year at how much I accomplished.
These are a few of my new goals:
    Sell enough stock photos to receive first check
    Print and distribute a price list brochure and/or business card
    Create a facebook page
    Have an exhibit someplace like a coffee shop
    Photograph a wedding
    Receive a request for my photographic services from a "stranger"(someone who isn't a direct friend or family             member)
I guess we will see where I am next year! Perhaps I will need to write new goals before then!


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