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On Saturday I rented a photo studio for the first time to take pictures of my brother in law's family. The experience was quite fun, and came to a close far too quickly. Not only did we get to rent the studio, but also got to use the studio's lighting equipment, which was REALLY fun. Having never worked with studio strobes before I learned a lot, and looking back over the pictures learned even more and can't wait to get back to put into practice what I've learned. I love learning about photography, it is one of those inexhaustible subjects of study. Once I think I know something, I find how much more there is to learn.
The place we went was UClick studios in Chanhassen, which I plan on going back to. Not only is the concept of having a space and really nice lighting equipment available nice, but the people there were friendly and quite helpful.
So here's a few of the pictures!

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