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Snow day!
It is a rare day indeed when schools and workplaces shut down due to winter conditions in Minnesota, but today is one of those rare days (and a leap day as well).
As much as this kind of snow is mushy, melty, icy and just kind of yuck, it is a reason for young and old to celebrate. It is a wonderful unexpected day off. This kind of day off is the best, because you can't make plans for it. You can't be busy. You just get a chance to sit back, watch the snow fall and be. This leap day really does feel like a whole extra day added to the calendar. :-)
Since I woke up early for work anyway, I went out for a little walk to nab myself some pictures (well after waiting a few minutes for there to be enough light, since the sun is late in making it's appearance this time of year). The pictures aren't quite the most glorious like others I've taken of intricate frost formations against blue skies. This is more of a documentation of mushy, melty, icy, wet snow. The kind that gets you a snow day in Minnesota apparently.

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