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It was recently brought to my attention that if you google "Black and White Photo" one of my pictures comes up on the first page. Crazy huh? If you google "Black and White Photography tips" the same picture is second.

This photo was one of the very first taken with my then very first, brand new SLR camera. I was 17, new to photography but quite excited about it and learning a lot at the digital-photography-school.com blog. I posted the jpeg to an assignment forum for black and white photos, and was thrilled to see it later in one of their articles. Fast forward 5 years and there it is on google. I am so glad that it isn't embarrassing in any way for me or the model (she was blessed to be a stunning, rather than awkward, teen)! In fact I am still proud of that picture. :-)

All this to say, never post anything online that you might not be proud to call your own 5 or 10 years later.

(Other google searches revealed to me that Anna Silverthorn is not a common name on the internet, and almost everything on the first page has something to do with me.)

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