Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
Colorado has been on my mind a lot these last few weeks. David is flying there right now for a job interview. Life is such an adventure! David's job searching and interviews make life exciting. I really am not sure where in the world I might be a month from now. Last month we were interviewing for a possible job in the Dominican Republic. Now he is interviewing in Colorado Springs.
It can really be a challenge to live life to the fullest NOW, in this moment. I am a dreamer and somewhat a visionary. I like to imagine what the future might hold, and dream of what could happen next. I can't live completely in a dream world because I might still be here next month, or next year. Yet I also make plans and dream dreams for if I did stay right where I am for the next five years. So with each new job possibility and opportunity my mind starts to dream of more opportunities. It is sort of like those sci-fi movies where there are alternate timelines. I have my dreams for staying right here, I have my Colorado dreams, I even have the Dominican Republic adventure dreams that I filed away in the back of my mind.
Sometimes I start to worry. I am a woman, I like to know what is coming, and sadly often want too much control. This is a good lesson in dreaming, but holding those dreams loosely. I am learning that I might make plans, and have what I believe the "perfect" scenario is in my mind, but God's plans are so much more exciting, and I have NOW. I can do thing today. I can live life and love well in the present, because who knows where I will be next. Even a time like this of uncertainty, is really an adventure. I wouldn't have planned this time into my life, but through it I have learned so much!

So here are two pictures from Colorado two years ago when I visited the C&MA national headquarters for one of my classes at Crown. One is in honor of this crazy adventure called life, the other is in honor of all the awesome pictures I could take out there if I had more than just an hour to take pictures.

Life is an adventure
Oh the fun I would have with hours on end to explore and take pictures of God's beautiful creation.

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