Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
I took these photos of lovely senior Regan on a beautiful, warm day a couple of weeks ago. I was thrilled by this assignment, as I took her sister's wedding pictures last year. I found a year ago that it is nearly impossible to get bad pictures of this family, and this session is further witness to that. :-)
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The easiest way to create a photography website. Create your site at Weebly.com!
Bubbles make me smile. They make me think of being a kid. They make me think of giggles. They make me think of summer. I love to try and count their colors.
As a kid I would chase them around trying to eat them, but was always disappointed at their taste. Even so the fun of chasing was worth even that disappointment.

Today I had the privilege to photograph a couple who has been married for 50 years. This month their marriage will be transitioning into a new phase as the husband enters memory care. As I edit the pictures different emotions stir in me, but one prevails, awe. Awe at the love that persists and is still evident in the midst of challenges and confusion. Awe at how a kiss, or a hand held still brings comfort even when perception is cloudy.

My slogan for photography is "celebrating, capturing and remembering life's special moments", and I felt like I was able to do exactly that today. The special moments of life aren't all thrilling, exciting and happy. Some of them are tinged with sadness and uncertainty. Even so they are worth celebrating and remembering because even the painful moments stand on the shoulders of joyous memories. There is beauty in the transitions because often the mourning is proof of what was, and is in it's own upside down sort of way a celebration of remembrances.

This week my husband and I celebrate our 3rd anniversary. As I browse through these pictures I think of us in 47 years. What will our story be? What moments will we be remembering and celebrating as we contemplate a new phase of life?
Sometimes I wonder how or why it is that I ended up in Minnesota after having spent my teenage years living on a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean. Minnesota is gorgeous in the summer (though I prefer sparkling blue salt water to murky green with seaweed), really any place with sunshine and green is beautiful and where I would like to be right now.
Even though this has been a wonderfully mild (some might say warm) winter, and the sun has been shining more than normal, it is still lacking that wonderful happy warmth of summer or the tropics. I can tell partly because my skin is almost transparent (if I look close enough I can almost see blue veins!), and my faded freckles are just distant memories of beach days past. Funny, I used to hate my freckles, now I love them because they mean that sunshine has warmed my face.
I took a trip down memory lane to remind myself what sunshiney summer days look like. I'm not quite sure if this little trip gave me a needed dose of sunshine, or just made me miss it all the more. Either way, let me share a few wonderful summer sunshine moments with you just in case you needed some reminding too...