Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
For about 3 years now my family has made a tradition out of going to an apple orchard. Traditions like this are super special to me. So, when we ended up at the wrong apple orchard (of the same name) almost an hour away (after an hour of driving) from where we were supposed to meet my family, I just about cried. It didn't help that I was already all sniffley and foggy feeling from an icky cold. I couldn't help thinking "who knows where we will all be next year?" With my siblings growing up, starting/finishing college and passionately pursuing God's adventures for their lives, I don't take for granted that we are all fairly close together right now. Not to mention that we grew up overseas, and even my parents are sensing the itch to get back out there. It really wouldn't surprise me if we all ended up in different corners of the globe within the next few 5 years. Meanwhile, as all that mental drama was tumbling around inside my brain, my husband got us to the right orchard. There we picked a few apples (windfalls were only 50 cents a pound!), I snapped a bunch of pictures and we all spent a few moments talking and just being together as a family.
Most people probably would have wondered if those few simple moments were worth all the trouble (especially since I was already feeling miserable with a cold), but they were SO worth it to me. I'm sentimental and nostalgic. I treasure moments like these. That is one reason I love photography, I can capture those brief beautiful moments in time. Then I can later look back at the memories and smile as I marvel over the adventures (both big and small) of life that God has brought us through.
Spinach and strawberries are growing in our garden. I'm discovering how fun it is to eat food straight from the garden. I'm wishing now that I had planted even more vegetables.
I love citrus! It feels rather like eating sunshine, and I need sunshine since it has been an awfully long snowy winter.  I have been enjoying a whole bunch of citrus fruit my Grandpa brought back from his road trip to Arizona. I used one of the lemons to make a lemon pie for supper yesterday (with Grandpa's new recipe) and just couldn't resist taking a few pictures! I meant to get pictures of the pie too, but time got away and then it was all eaten. If you're interested, I wrote about the recipe and my style of cooking on my other blog here.

These are rather plain shots, but Spring officially starts today! Hopefully longer days and warmer weather will bring more interesting photos opportunities right along with them.