Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
I love this family and so enjoy watching them grow. Not only that, but they keep choosing me to capture those special moments with my camera. I had so much fun chasing these little boys around this fall and equally as much fun editing the photos. See how much the boys have grown since the sessions I did here and here
I took these photos of lovely senior Regan on a beautiful, warm day a couple of weeks ago. I was thrilled by this assignment, as I took her sister's wedding pictures last year. I found a year ago that it is nearly impossible to get bad pictures of this family, and this session is further witness to that. :-)
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For about 3 years now my family has made a tradition out of going to an apple orchard. Traditions like this are super special to me. So, when we ended up at the wrong apple orchard (of the same name) almost an hour away (after an hour of driving) from where we were supposed to meet my family, I just about cried. It didn't help that I was already all sniffley and foggy feeling from an icky cold. I couldn't help thinking "who knows where we will all be next year?" With my siblings growing up, starting/finishing college and passionately pursuing God's adventures for their lives, I don't take for granted that we are all fairly close together right now. Not to mention that we grew up overseas, and even my parents are sensing the itch to get back out there. It really wouldn't surprise me if we all ended up in different corners of the globe within the next few 5 years. Meanwhile, as all that mental drama was tumbling around inside my brain, my husband got us to the right orchard. There we picked a few apples (windfalls were only 50 cents a pound!), I snapped a bunch of pictures and we all spent a few moments talking and just being together as a family.
Most people probably would have wondered if those few simple moments were worth all the trouble (especially since I was already feeling miserable with a cold), but they were SO worth it to me. I'm sentimental and nostalgic. I treasure moments like these. That is one reason I love photography, I can capture those brief beautiful moments in time. Then I can later look back at the memories and smile as I marvel over the adventures (both big and small) of life that God has brought us through.
I am super excited to show off these pictures. This is my first "engagement" session (besides awkwardly trying to take  my own), and everything worked together nicely to make it a very fun experience.
I must say though, going into the pictures I was a little discouraged. Just the day before the fall colors were at their peak, but it seemed to me that on this day the wind was on a mission to rob me of every last vibrant leaf. Not to mention it was also very cloudy. Now clouds are normally a photographer's friend, but I had some very specific pictures in mind where I wanted that special golden glow that only a sunny evening provides. Then to make matters worse as I stepped out of my car to go meet the couple, I was just about carried away by the wind with my reflector as a sail (that reflector ended up being the challenge of the afternoon by escaping my assistant's grip on various occasions, once hitting me square in the face).
In the end all my worries were nullified, and the wind I was so afraid of ended up being a beautiful addition to the images. The wind added a sense of energy and humor throughout the evening that I couldn't have planned for. Then, at just the right moment, exactly when I needed it, the sun peeked out to give me that yummy golden glow I was hoping for. Thanks Austin and Erin for letting me celebrate, capture and remember these special memories with you! I can't wait for your wedding in December.
By the way, this session marks the completion of one of my photography goals (read about them here). I did not know them before they asked me to take their wedding pictures. Photographing their wedding in December will complete one of the goals that I thought might have been the most far fetched, and have been looking forward to since the day I got my first digital SLR camera.
*For some reason the colors in these pictures are looking slightly muted compared to the way they look in other programs and on facebook. If you want to fully appreciate the awesome golden light you might want to check out the album on my facebook page.*
This Fall the colors in Minnesota are take-your-breath-away gorgeous! There have been so many moments this last week where I kicked myself for not having my camera along. Instead of snapping away pictures, my jaw has dropped and my mind has spun in awe of the display as my mind captures memories for me. Just today there was this one moment driving in the car where beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves were falling like confetti on a road lined with trees in such amazing vibrant hues it looked like God was playing with Photoshop. (Which by the way, I did not need to enhance colors on any of these pictures!) I felt like God was throwing a parade just for me and my friend in the car. These are moments where I worship without words, thoughts or actions, instead I just bask in awe and wonder at my Creator. Sometimes awe-induced silence is the the onlyappropriate worship response.
When I was first starting in photography I used the screen name “parasugloria” ("ForHisGlory" in Spanish) because I wanted to always remember why I want to take pictures. I’ve often wondered how I can use my photography in a way that stays true to this purpose. Well these pictures are barely a fraction of the amazingness I have seen this Fall, and all glory truly goes to THE Creator. I hope that God blesses you as he has me with some equally awe-inspiring moments this week.