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I've had so much fun with my most recent pictures this week. The whole process from snapping them to color correcting was invigorating. I feel like I am starting to be able to create the images I see in my mind, rather than just trying things "al azar" (randomly) or through trial and error. While we were outside I let my self play with sunlight some, as it was low on the horizon and creating beautiful backlight. I was a little nervous that they wouldn't work and would be unusable, but I am so happy I tried! I was also using my new camera, which also made me somewhat uneasy. I am realizing how tuned in to my old camera I am.

The shutter on the 40D is much quieter, and sounds a lot like the shutter would on my Canon Rebel XT would when it was slow shutter speed. With the 40 D I kept thinking the exposure was too long and the images would be blurry. The knobs and buttons are also in different places. On my XT I became so familiar with the layout that I could change settings without even looking at them. I suppose that's what happens when you use a tool for almost 6 years (wow! I can't believe it's been 6 years!).  So as much as I am LOVING my new camera, I am still getting used to it.
Even though I worked in some unfamiliar territory I am very satisfied with the results, and super excited to give the pictures to my friend.

One of my favorite parts of this shoot was right before little "J" and Dad went to go get ice cream (his treat for doing so well  even though he was sick). His mom came out wearing a white skirt and pretty white shirt. Little "J" stared at her with his mouth wide open and said with wonder "Mommy, you a princess!". Then he danced with her, looking up in awe and telling her repeatedly that she was a pretty princess. Is it just me or how many other 3 year olds with strep and ice cream waiting take the time to dance with mommy and tell her she looks like a pretty princess?

3/14/2017 10:33:12 pm

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