Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
I had the unique privilege of taking pictures for my brother's graduation last weekend. The graduates were a group of 8 homeschoolers, and the graduation was so special and meaningful. I still can't believe my little brother is done with high school!

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I've been playing with some of my Spring pictures in Photoshop. Blending different layers and applying different filters. It is fun to learn more about Photoshop's powerful features this way. So much more intersting to experiment for myself than to read about it in a book. This is what I did recently.
My mother in law told me the edited images look like napkins. Anybody work for a napkin company that wants tulip pictures? :-)

P.S. These are the flowers that came from the buds in my previous spring post.
It always brings me a smile and a tiny sense of accomplishment when I get an email in my inbox saying that I sold another file on fotolia. Still waiting to get enough credits for that first check though....
Any designers out there? What kind of pictures are you looking for?
It's May! Enough with the showers, I want to see some flowers! The consistent rain over the last week has brought lots of green and growth (but not too many flowers...yet). Slowly but surely the leaves on trees are unfurling as well. It is so fun to look at the intricacies of these little leaves through my camera lens. Through it my appreciation for THE Creator grows.