Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
I can't get enough pictures of the gorgeous crab apple blossoms outside my apartment building. Today I happened to have my camera with me as the sun was setting behind them. So pretty! With time they have faded from the beautiful bright pink of a few days ago to a lovely almost white shade of pink... I can't decide which I like better.
The little leaves have popped on most trees and the grass is pretty much all green. Now the trees are starting to bloom. There are several trees full of these beautiful little flowers right outside our apartment building, they look so cheery even on  gloomy days. Thank you whoever planted those trees. They give me an extra reason to smile in the morning as I head off to work.
It is Spring. I'm not going to say the snow is gone for good, because being Minnesota it would end up snowing just because I said it. However we have had some gloriously beautiful weeks. The leaves are peeking out, the sun has been shining, and I've started some seeds on our tiny apartment porch. I've also been loving long walks outside. Somehow seeing life spring up all around and having the sun shine down on my face somehow brings life and joy to my spirits as well. Everything seems cheerier with sunshine and green.
One of my favorite things about Spring in Minnesota is beautiful intricacies of those tiny little leaves opening up, shiny with newness and the most beautiful shade of green.