Celebrating, Capturing & Remembering Life's Special moments
On Saturday I rented a photo studio for the first time to take pictures of my brother in law's family. The experience was quite fun, and came to a close far too quickly. Not only did we get to rent the studio, but also got to use the studio's lighting equipment, which was REALLY fun. Having never worked with studio strobes before I learned a lot, and looking back over the pictures learned even more and can't wait to get back to put into practice what I've learned. I love learning about photography, it is one of those inexhaustible subjects of study. Once I think I know something, I find how much more there is to learn.
The place we went was UClick studios in Chanhassen, which I plan on going back to. Not only is the concept of having a space and really nice lighting equipment available nice, but the people there were friendly and quite helpful.
So here's a few of the pictures!

Last year I decided to set some goals for my photography. I revisited them the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had accomplished most of them. Perhaps I set the bar low. They were goals I knew I could accomplish if I really tried.
These are a few of those goals:
    Publish a photo on stock website and get it accepted
    Have a photo sold on a stock website
    Photograph a family this summer
    Philip's senior pictures
    Create a website
    Take pictures at a rented studio (accomplished yesterday!)
What other goals do I have? I'll include some that I know will come if I work at them, and others that are my "someday" goals. Who knows? Maybe I will be surprised again next year at how much I accomplished.
These are a few of my new goals:
    Sell enough stock photos to receive first check
    Print and distribute a price list brochure and/or business card
    Create a facebook page
    Have an exhibit someplace like a coffee shop
    Photograph a wedding
    Receive a request for my photographic services from a "stranger"(someone who isn't a direct friend or family             member)
I guess we will see where I am next year! Perhaps I will need to write new goals before then!


I love citrus! It feels rather like eating sunshine, and I need sunshine since it has been an awfully long snowy winter.  I have been enjoying a whole bunch of citrus fruit my Grandpa brought back from his road trip to Arizona. I used one of the lemons to make a lemon pie for supper yesterday (with Grandpa's new recipe) and just couldn't resist taking a few pictures! I meant to get pictures of the pie too, but time got away and then it was all eaten. If you're interested, I wrote about the recipe and my style of cooking on my other blog here.

These are rather plain shots, but Spring officially starts today! Hopefully longer days and warmer weather will bring more interesting photos opportunities right along with them.

So I took some time to try out a new photographic technique yesterday. It is called freelensing. By taking the lens off of a SLR camera you can get some of the effects of a tilt shift lens, which allows for much more selective focusing. I also played around with turning my lens backward which produces some VERY close up macro like shots.

I haven't just played around with my camera in a long time. Over the last few months I have been trying very hard to take high quality pictures that I can sell on stock photography sites like Fotolia. Although it is fun to slowly start to see images sell, it sometimes takes the fun out of just taking a picture just for the joy of it.

So I broke out of the box and tried something new. Something that would never sell on a stock photography site. And I did it just for the sake of photography, fun and learning.
Colorado has been on my mind a lot these last few weeks. David is flying there right now for a job interview. Life is such an adventure! David's job searching and interviews make life exciting. I really am not sure where in the world I might be a month from now. Last month we were interviewing for a possible job in the Dominican Republic. Now he is interviewing in Colorado Springs.
It can really be a challenge to live life to the fullest NOW, in this moment. I am a dreamer and somewhat a visionary. I like to imagine what the future might hold, and dream of what could happen next. I can't live completely in a dream world because I might still be here next month, or next year. Yet I also make plans and dream dreams for if I did stay right where I am for the next five years. So with each new job possibility and opportunity my mind starts to dream of more opportunities. It is sort of like those sci-fi movies where there are alternate timelines. I have my dreams for staying right here, I have my Colorado dreams, I even have the Dominican Republic adventure dreams that I filed away in the back of my mind.
Sometimes I start to worry. I am a woman, I like to know what is coming, and sadly often want too much control. This is a good lesson in dreaming, but holding those dreams loosely. I am learning that I might make plans, and have what I believe the "perfect" scenario is in my mind, but God's plans are so much more exciting, and I have NOW. I can do thing today. I can live life and love well in the present, because who knows where I will be next. Even a time like this of uncertainty, is really an adventure. I wouldn't have planned this time into my life, but through it I have learned so much!

So here are two pictures from Colorado two years ago when I visited the C&MA national headquarters for one of my classes at Crown. One is in honor of this crazy adventure called life, the other is in honor of all the awesome pictures I could take out there if I had more than just an hour to take pictures.

Life is an adventure
Oh the fun I would have with hours on end to explore and take pictures of God's beautiful creation.
Ever wonder what you were doing exactly one year ago? With pictures you can go back and see.
Here is one crazy picture I took of my brother a year ago, March 2010.

Two years ago I had just started my Children's Mnistry internship at First Baptist Church in Minneapolis. The view from where I was staying looked quite similar to the view this year. March 2009.

Exactly three years ago today. I was having fun with friends at Crown and experimenting with slow shutter speeds. March 7, 2008

The next day I had some fun taking pictures of this wonderful guy I was getting to know, who I eventually married. :-) March 8, 2008

Four years ago my faithful SLR was pretty new. I hadn't owned it very long when these pictures were taken. Some of you might appreciate how much my siblings and I have "aged" over these past four years. March 6, 2007

My 'little' brother (the one I am smashing in this picture) blogs too. Check him out at www.flipabrik.weebly.com