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So I got my fill of snow pictures in. I really want to take pictures of something a little more colorful and full of life. This is probably also due to the fact that I spent pretty much all of last week and this weekend in bed with fevers and a throat so sore and swollen I could barely whisper. Anybody up for a photoshoot?

Sadly I probably won't have time for a photoshoot this week because I have lots to catch up on, and this week was going to be a busy one anyway. (I am so glad I finally got my voice back!)

Anyone up for a photoshoot next week?
The snow storm I posted pictures of in my last post lasted another day and night. If so much snow hadn't melted right before the storm, plowing roads and such would have gotten really interesting.
The morning after the storm everything was covered with beautiful frost that made the trees sparkle like they were covered in twinkling Christmas lights. This is the kind of beauty that is magical from a distance, and gets all the more beautiful up close. God's creation is like that. The big picture is really cool, but it takes your breath away when you see the beauty in even the intricate little details.
Speaking of strange weather... here are a few more pictures to document a record making Minnesotan winter. Day before yesterday we were seeing grass starting to show through after many feet of snow had melted over the course of two warm days. Now there is another snow storm blowing in and re-blanketing the ground in powdery whiteness. I braved the cold and pelting snow to see if I could snap a few good pictures. I think I prefer capturing the beauty of colorful tropical Dominican beaches than enduring a snowstorm for rather gray, flat looking shots. But here they are anyway.

Minnesota has the strangest most varied weather. Last week the temperatures were in the -20s and the windchill made it colder. This week it made it up to 58 degrees one day! Where else in the world does the temperature vary that much week to week? Certainly not in the countries where I grew up (Dominican Republic and Bogota, Colombia).
Yet the cold brings it's own beauty as well.